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Dance festival grows from 5,000 to 30,000 attendees with word-of-mouth marketing

Posted by Fabiana Pacini on Aug 19, 2016 5:20:53 PM
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Dancefestopia is one the biggest events in Kansas City, offering a dance experience covering more than 17 acres of land. It has also been ranked as one of the top ten EDM festivals in the United States by Billboard Magazine.

Since the dance event started in 2012 Dancefestopia has grown from 5,000 to almost 30,000 attendees. Festival co-founder, Doug Bordegon attributes its success to a 'fans first' philosophy and a carefully curated EDM line-up that ensures headliners don’t overlap across stages so that fans can fully engage with each artist.

Dancefestopia ambassador program

Driven by a ‘fans first’ philosophy, Dancefestopia has gone from a small dance festival to one of the top-ranked US EDM festivals in just four years.

Starting out as a small dance festival, Doug and the team didn't have a huge marketing budget in the early days, and promotion of the event was almost entirely driven through word-of-mouth marketing with the whole crew out on the streets flyering the event. As the festival continues to grow organically, word-of-mouth remains a major driver of growth and ticket sales, and Dancefestopia now has its own ambassador program, to manage that at scale.

"Every decision we make is based on our fans. We run the business and make thoroughly thought-out decisions based on the benefit to the fan. We offer the lowest prices because we like to reward our supporters."

Doug Bordegon, Founder, Dancefestopia (

The Dancefestopia ambassador program

With the Dancefestopia ambassador program, fans can sign up to become ambassadors and get rewarded for promoting the event and selling tickets to their friends. One of Doug's main goals with the program was to see fans out and about sharing their stories from the festival, and letting their friends and 'friends of friends' know what makes it so genuinely unique. Doug and his brother, who co-founded the festival, believe those fans who convert friends' interests into sales should be rewarded fairly. 

In return for their loyalty and advocacy, festival ambassadors are rewarded with tickets and perks related to the fan experience. For every eight Dancefestopia tickets an ambassador sells, they get one free. Other rewards include VIP camping for twelve tickets sold, festival merchandise and the opportunity to pick your favourite headline acts and get a picture on-stage.

"We’ve improved the quality of our rewards to provide small successes early on and offer bigger rewards for top ambassadors. This is working well and we’ll do more of this in future."

Doug Bordegon, Founder, Dancefestopia

Fan feedback helps shape the festival each year

Both founders are also firm believers in the importance of fan feedback and have used it to shape the festival over the past four years. After this year's festival they'll hold a focus group with ambassadors to see what worked, what didn't, and get recommendations for next year. Not only does this help Dancefestopia stay relevant but it also helps build year-round engagement between the event and its fans. 

Now in its second year, Dancefestopia's ambassador program is driving 55% more ticket sales than the previous year, which is great news for the festival and its ambassadors.

Our goals were met. We have a stickier fan base and our top supporters are fairly rewarded. Rather than rewarding activity, we are now rewarding results"

Doug Bordegon, Founder, Dancefestopia

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