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How Freaky Deaky sold 6,700 tickets through word-of-mouth marketing

Posted by Joe Martin on Jan 3, 2017 12:12:28 PM

Launched by React Presents in 2008, Freaky Deaky has grown to become America's biggest and most spooktacular Halloween party. Every year it host more than 30,000 fans as they enjoy the carnival atmosphere, the outlandish fancy dress and performances from top-tier artists such as Disclosure, Tiesto and Schoolboy Q. 

Even with more than eight years of consistent growth behind them, React Presents is still finding ways to target new audiences and sell tickets through channels such as word-of-mouth marketing. 


In 2015 React Presents launched a StreetTeam-powered ambassador program designed to drive additional ticket sales.

React Presents also wanted to generate strong word-of-mouth marketing through the ambassador program, increasing activity within the local community. As a result, StreetTeam's community managers focused on supplying ambassadors with a steady stream of content and motivating them to share the content with friends. 

Launched not long until the event itself, the ambassador program was still a significant success and Patrick Grumley, Director of Marketing at React Presents, told StreetTeam that seeing Freaky Deaky's fans engage with the brand in a new and totally authentic way was a genuine highlight of the event - even more than the thousands of additional ticket sales.

“StreetTeam was a great addition to our marketing efforts. They were very accommodating in developing a tailored program that fit our existing promotional landscape.”

Patrick Grumley, Director of Marketing at React Presents

As a result of the ambassador program's success, React Presents has continued the Freaky Deaky ambassador program and rolled it out to other events too. 

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