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Reading and Leeds Festival sell over 22,000 tickets through peer-to-peer marketing

Posted by Joe Martin on Nov 15, 2016 1:41:33 PM

leeds_festival_republic_marketing_streetteam_ambassador.jpgOriginally launched in 1955, Reading Festival is the oldest music festival in the world that remains active today - and its popularity has only grown since the addition of Leeds Festival in 1999. Consistent growth across both events means a combined annual audience of 170,000 across a single bank holiday weekend.

Part of Reading and Leeds' success can be attributed to the way organisers Festival Republic have  evolved the line-up alongside the audience. Over the years Reading and Leeds have hosted acts as diverse as the Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana and Die Antwoord. The evolution is based on Festival Republic's detailed understanding of the audience, which is also why Festival Republic understands how effective peer-to-peer selling effectively can be for driving growth...

The Reading and Leeds Festival Ambassador Program

Powered by StreetTeam, the Reading and Leeds Festival ambassador program enables the festivals' biggest fans to sell tickets directly to their friends. This sort of peer-to-peer selling has proven to be especially effective with Reading and Leeds' audience of millennials, 84% of whom rank a friends' recommendation as the deciding factor when purchasing tickets.

Festival Republic has used StreetTeam to power it's ambassador program since 2013 and has so far sold more than 22,000 additiional tickets through the program. The ambassador program gets more and more successful each year and Leeds Festival now sells more than 7% of all tickets through the StreetTeam ambassador program. 


Leeds Festival now sells 7% of tickets through ambassadors

While ambassadors are offered rewards such as free tickets and backstage upgrades in exchange for selling large volumes of tickets, rewards are not always the driving factor. In speaking to ambassadors for Reading and Leeds Festival, we learned that many became ambassadors for the events in order to help support the show and spread the word to their friends. 

This level of support is partly why the Reading and Leeds ambassador programs have been so successful at driving additional sales; because many potential attendees will only go to a show for the first time if they know someone else who is going. Peer-to-peer selling ensures this is clearly communicated, driving ticket sales and brand loyalty at the same time. Since 2013, Reading and Leeds' ambassador programs have grown by 186% year-on-year - and the results continue to improve.

“StreetTeam has successfully grown our ambassador network, encouraging our biggest fans to join us in promoting and selling tickets for the best festivals in the world.” 


Interested in how else StreetTeam has helped Festival Republic grow it's events? Download the full case study today!Download Reading & Leeds Festival Case Study

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