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Festival owner, Rob Star discusses the Eastern Electrics ambassador programme

Posted by Fabiana Pacini on Aug 3, 2016 10:13:14 AM
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This week Eastern Electrics kicks off at Hatfield House, outside of London, for its fifth year running. Earlier in the year we caught up with festival owner and founder, Rob Star, to get his take on the festival ambassador programme.

Rob Star is no stranger to the London club and festival scene. Many will know Rob for his work with mulletover, a huge event in London that took the party from nightclubs to outside spaces and marked a big turning point in the city’s club history.

Like many other festival owners and promoters back in the day, Rob started out producing raves in unusual locations across the UK. He also worked with other UK festivals like Tribal Gathering, but since 2008 has been channeling his festival and club promotion knowledge into Eastern Electrics. Aside from festival life, Rob Star is also a pub owner, with five different spots across London.

To kick off the Eastern Electrics ambassador programme for 2016, Rob hosted a launch night for the festival ambassadors in his pub in King’s Cross, London. We caught up with him on the night to have a chat about this year's festival ambassador programme...

Rob Star, Eastern Electrics festival owner

Rob, what is the value of the festival ambassador programme for Eastern Electrics?

The ambassador programme is obviously a great way to get people involved with Eastern Electrics. We want to sell out tickets to the festival and we want people who really love the music and the event to come. When an ambassador sells tickets to their friends, it means that they're really involved and engaged with us. And gladly, we're able to offer them rewards such as free tickets and upgrades in return.

You are throwing this amazing launch party for the ambassadors, how important is it to really motivate and engage them? And what is the best way to accomplish that?

I suppose it's fortunate that I have a nice pub in King's Cross where we can have a great ambassador party, but the most important thing is to get Eastern Electric fans together to talk about the festival. One of the great things is the feedback from our ambassadors. We had a really good meeting with some of the key ticket sellers from last year where we spoke about the festival line-up and things we can improve - all of that is important so we can get better year after year.

Throwing a party for our ambassadors is our way of saying thank you for the hard work our ambassadors put into promoting the event and selling tickets.  We have some free drinks, some food and some DJs from the festival. I think it’s good to give something back to our fans.

For a festival promoter that is thinking of starting up an ambassador programme, what advice would you give them?

The key thing is to have a festival with people that want to support it. Also, you're going to need someone who can manage those people and build real relationships with them. They need to know how the ambassador programme works and all the latest info and updates on the festival. Basically, ambassadors are part of your team, so treat them like any other co-worker. That’s why we do this kind of event, so people get on board with us and really support the festival.

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