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StreetTeam at Silicon Milkroundabout 2016

Posted by Joe Martin on Nov 29, 2016 10:29:41 AM

Did you make it to Silicon Milkroundabout this weekend? We did - and we had great fun meeting some of the best and brightest engineers and developers from across the world!

We also enjoyed unveiling a brand new event installation designed for us by our friends at Zap Architecture, who created an installation that was as vibrant and playful as the rest of StreetTeam. We wanted something bright that would really stand out and Zap Architecture's concept of coloured pipes really did the trick - dozens of candidates lined up to try it out and find out more about StreetTeam. 

Why pipes, we hear you ask? The concept was to demonstrate a little of how StreetTeam works, with candidates able to shout into the pipes and pass messages to nearby friends. At the same time, the tree-like design was tall enough that we could hang signs from its branches to tell everyone what sort of roles we were looking for. We also filled the funnels with goodies such as stress balls and our new 'Friends Don't Let Friends Go To Bad Events' t-shirts!

If you couldn't make it to Silicon Milkroundabout then don't worry, we're still hiring for positions across the company - and you can see photos of everything you missed below!