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How ticketing integrations will change live entertainment for the better

Posted by Liam Negus-Fancey on Nov 24, 2016 11:24:23 AM

A decade of consistent growth in live entertainment has led to increased competition which, along with the macro-level trend towards specialisation, means the event technology sector is now evolving faster than ever before.

I believe ticketing companies are proving to be an integral part of this on-going evolution. Having seen this trend towards specialisation coming, they are directly connecting technology companies with promoters through API integrations.

The innovations enhanced by a well-designed API can be really valuable to promoters and it’s exciting to consider the limitless possibilities APIs enable. As Ticketmaster’s Ismail Elshareef wrote last Christmas: “When a platform puts out open, predictable and intuitive APIs, it attracts entrepreneurial developers with specific product ideas in mind...Using APIs, those developers can run fast with their ideas.”

eventbrite-api-intergrations-streetteam.jpgEventbrite's API has enabled a wide-range of integrations for event organisers

Eventbrite offers many examples of this, with Survey Monkey and Wordpress among dozens of other specialist technologies which reach promoters through the ticketing platform’s API. Using these integrations promoters can send surveys, manage operations, automate their social media and much more.

Ticketing integrations also offer the ability to drive additional sales. This is what we do at StreetTeam - our peer-to-peer sales software is used by over 250 festivals around the world, including 45 of the 50 UK’s biggest music festivals. Over the last 18 months we’ve proven to clients such as Festival Republic and Bonnaroo that peer-to-peer is an effective way to drive additional sales and I believe it’s an exciting opportunity for ticketing companies too.

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