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StreetTeam is working with DataKind to give back through the power of data

Posted by Irene Coghlan on Apr 27, 2016 3:41:43 PM

Together with data and analytics pros from Google, Buzzfeed, Orchard Platform, Unilever and the Finance and Leasing Association, StreetTeam’s head of data, Stephane Doyen, has been helping to apply data science techniques that can help to advance grain production in South Africa.

The DataCorp team’s volunteer work is mainly focused on developing a system that automates the data collection and delivery of key metrics for South African farmers, in order to enhance their grain production. The team will also develop an app to deliver this information.

Grain SA is a commodity organisation representing all grain farmers in South Africa. By enlisting the help of the DataCorp volunteers, it allows their small team of economists to pursue further work to refine agricultural forecasting in South Africa and help develop systems to ensure sustainable agriculture and food security in the country.

Commenting on the project, Stephane said "It’s an immense pleasure to be part of this virtuous and humbling experience, teaming up with brilliant people and using our skills to serve a greater cause."

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