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Firefly Music Festival: How Red Frog Events built the first fan-curated festival

Posted by Joe Martin on Dec 22, 2016 12:40:04 PM

Ever since launching in 2012, Firefly Music Festival has stood out for the way it engages with fans to make each show bigger and better than the one before. Annual talent surveys have been a major part of this strategy, but now producer Red Frog Events is taking the idea even further.

In 2017, Firefly will become the world’s first fan-curated music festival and Red Frog Events will give more than 90,000 fans the opportunity to input on everything from line-up and camping options to merchandise and on-site attractions.

We’ve conducted talent surveys at Firefly for years,” says Christiane Pheil, Red Frog Events’ Head of Creative Programming. “Then, it hit us – people love being integrated into the process, so why don't we expand it beyond talent?”

Firefly isn’t the first festival to learn that a fan-focused approach is a great way to drive growth and improve brand loyalty, but gathering so much feedback does present some unique challenges. That’s why Firefly’s team has learned to focus on three primary channels for engaging fans…

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StreetTeam raises $10 million to fuel continued growth

Posted by Joe Martin on Oct 12, 2016 1:46:28 PM

Today, we’re thrilled to announce StreetTeam has secured $10 million in funding as part of a new round led by Spring Partners, Frontline Ventures, Kindred Capital and Backed. This investment, which was announced exclusively via TechCrunch, also introduces new strategic partners such as Universal Music Group, Saatchi Invest and Peter Davies.

Today’s investment is the next step on our journey to create the world’s leading peer-to-peer sales software. At a time when brands are facing increased competition and are struggling to drive sales, we believe advocacy offers an opportunity to acquire customers by turning word-of-mouth into a genuinely scalable sales channel.

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Top trends to watch in electronic dance music across the globe

Posted by Fabiana Pacini on Jun 14, 2016 3:15:19 PM

After three consecutive days of conferences, concerts and workshops about the present and future of the music industry on the white island of Ibiza, the IMS 2016 wrapped up this year’s edition with some interesting stats and insights into the global music market.

Over the decades, dance music has expanded all over the world; it has gone from a few popular local raves to a multi-billion dollar industry. According to the 2016 IMS report the global electronic dance music industry is now worth $7.1 billion – 60% more than three years ago!

Moreover, electronic festivals are the only live music events that actually showed a year-on-year increase from 2014 to 2015 and this trend looks set to continue as more young millennials are getting in on the EDM streaming scene.

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Street team marketing in the music industry today & how Daft Punk is 'doing it right'

Posted by Fabiana Pacini on May 13, 2016 3:09:47 PM

Street team marketing, also known as “guerilla” “viral” or “grassroots” marketing has been around for quite some time. During the 80’s, street team music promotion was based on collecting names for fanzines, gluing posters all over town and distributing flyers to potential fans.

Street teams are still a popular promotion tactic within the music industry, however, today we may not physically see as many music promoters out and about ‘on the streets’ as a lot of them have now moved online.

According to Donnie Estopinal, of Disco Donnie Presents, “younger promoters just push send on the computer, they don’t believe in flyers and posters”, but in fact, the offline element of person-to-person marketing is still hugely powerful and recognising this, many events and artists are opting to invest in offline street team marketing campaigns as well as online.

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Infographic: Top 5 European festival trends

Posted by Irene Coghlan on Feb 15, 2016 7:42:50 PM

Every year, new trends and challenges shape the global festival and events market. New festival technology, the global economic climate and event production costs have all impacted the industry in recent years, but with the European festival season just around the corner we’re asking:

What were the top trends that shaped the festival industry in 2015?

How are European festival organisers planning to improve their events in 2016?

And what’s keeping festival promoters awake at night?

We’ve rounded up the top trends and stats from IQ’s European Music Festival Report 2015, and created this slick infographic to present the data.

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